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    Make sure everything on your property is built to last.
    All of our stucco contracting is done with sustainability and sturdiness in mind.
    For everything from stone walls, to outdoor fences, to outdoor grills, our stucco contractor can set you up with the finest construction and outdoor fixtures around.
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Residential stucco
Residential Stucco

We understand that your home is an investment. Our siding contractor will work closely with you to help you protect your investment. We also offer plaster repair services, such as stucco patching. We strive on honesty and integrity and focus on providing all of our customers with high quality products.

Commercial stucco
Commercial Stucco

We also specialize in new construction to make sure that your building's veneer stone and synthetic stucco is structurally sound and aesthetically in line with your overall design. Our stucco installation is an increasingly popular choice for commercial spaces like offices, stores, and apartment buildings

Plaster repair
Plaster Repair

At Selene Stucco and More you will find the best in plaster repair services. One of the most common problems with plaster is water damage. This can be caused by a leaky roof, weather damage, a plumbing problem, or a plumbing overflow. Whatever the case may be, you can trust our contractors to help you restore your walls. We specialize in stucco services, like patching and siding.

Outdoor stucco
Outdoor Stucco Services

We use stucco for all of our outdoor installation options. From stone walls, to outdoor grills and more, we use only the finest stucco to give you reliable, sturdy outdoor fixtures.

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